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The Studio

ProfVoice-Actor, Jhan Robert Dolphin often records professional voice-overs from his home studio in the Chicago area.

Jhan has recorded hundreds of Voice-Over jobs directly from his home studio, but also frequently travels to recording studios in Chicago, Milwaukee, and the Detroit area.  The sound quality his studio provides is top notch, and makes for very convenient turn-around times.

SCRIPTS - Jhan is a recognized Marketing and Promotional expert with years of experience promoting companies and their products.  Often, clients look to his experience for adjusting their scripts to better meet the project's objectives and/or flow better when spoken.  If you're starting from scratch or just think the current script needs some work, please contact us to discuss.

Jhan's Work

As a professional Voice Actor, Mr Jhan Robert Dolphin performs Voice-overs for Radio, TV, & Video Productions.

Jhan has a natural, conversational and likable "Guy Next Door" quality and tone to his voice.  He has over 20 years experience with TV & Radio Voice Overs, New Product Announcements, Corporate Video Narrations, and Professional Training Programs.  Jhan also performs a wide range of fun and unusual character voices.   His collection of voices and accents lend themselves well, for Toys, Cartoons, Movie Trailers, and Video Games.  Jhan is a respected professional who clearly understands a product's final objective, takes creative direction extremely well, and can provide a high-quality recording with a quick turn-around.

Voice Style

Jhan Robert Dolphin, Professional Voice Actor, performs voice overs for a wide variety of companies and industries.

Voice Actor, Jhan Robert Dolphin has a natural, conversational and likable "Guy Next Door" quality and tone to his voice. This is how others have described his voice.

  • American, Male
  • Natural
  • Conversational
  • Friendly
  • Real
  • Familiar
  • and... a selection of interesting Characters.

Clients Include:

Sportsman Channel

NBC Sports

NKK Switches

Prefix Corporation

Stack & Van Til

Maria College

Tricel Corporation

Pulse Learning

Woods Equipment

Cherry Americas

Kiefer USA

The Onion


Wild Sheep Foundation

Overit Media

MetroBee & more...

Voice over demos

The first DEMO showcases Jhan's Natural and Likable tone, as well as his versatility in a variety of commercial spots.  The second...features a variety of his interesting characters, often used for Animation, Toys, and Video Games.

Need a younger voice?

Youth Voice-Overs

Chase Dolphin - Voice Actor

Chase Dolphin began hanging out with Dad in the studio at a very young age.  He would often take a turn reading the scripts that his Father had been hired to record.  And... he was really good at it.  Since then... Chase has recorded National TV Commercials and continues to perform a variety of Commercial Voice-Overs.

Chase Mitchell Dolphin

Chase's Voice Style



North American

Child, Teen, Young Adult

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